Bow Ether Group
Copley Medal
Ludo Mich/Adam Richards
The Circle and the Point
Bent Spoon Duo with Chris Dadge

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Heavy Hymns- Solace
Razen- Rare Undressed Mare
Chapels/VWLS split
Death Rattle
High On Dracula
Charles Gordon

Chris Dadge- Not Sudden
Clay Cantrell- High On The Gallows
Ludo Mich- No Qu Tche Boo Boo Parity
Scott Valkwitch- InFraRed
JAILBIRD- Jailbird

Parashi / Chapels- split
Rust Worship- Terrestrial Society
Clay Cantrell- The Tree Farmer
Rambutan/Fossils From the Sun split
Shinning Arbors
Mundkrach & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau-A/N/T/I/Z/I/P/A/T/I/O/N
Mama Baer-
Perverted People Girl Fuckers

Bent Spoon Duo- Price Of Darkness
Chris Dadge - A Bird is a Light Thing
Jeremy Kelly- The Witches of Clay Hill
Stone Baby- The Flaneur  
Century Plants- Electrics  
Peonies- Smoke for Tomorrow

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Amber Lions- Pink Panther Blood 
(Valerio Cosi + The Solo Joint) 
Servant Sun
- Cold Harbour

(Peter Wright & Brad Rose)
Ghost Moth- Sealand Fortress
Sleepwalkers Local 242 - Dreamlands

(VxPxC)- Drapery Dept. 

Antique Brothers- Bears in the Woods

Stone Baby- Black Blossom Blues

Gown- On the River 
Autumn Galaxy-  An Emperor's Garden (Brad Rose + Ville Moskiitto) 
Rambutan/Chapels  split c30
Chapels- So Many Blood-Lakes c30 
Gown/Chapels- split c20 
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood-  The World is at War
Robedoor- Pained Transformation
Antique Brothers- Beneath the Dead Castle 
A Vibrant Struggle- Black Hole Meditations
Nick Hoffman- Silent Island
Fossils- Dreaming of Babylon
Stone Baby/Chapels split 
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides- All Cows Are Sacred
Derek Rogers- Slowmover
Pine Smoke Lodge - Songs for Sucking Spirit Darts  
Grasshopper- Miles In the Sky 
Bad Trip
(Pascal Nichols & Julien Dupont)-
Beat Is Murder
Various Artists -
From the Deepest Depth of a Bottomless Light
the circle and the point-  and so on for ever 
Anvil Salute- Cosmic Yes
Butcher-Bryerton-Khoury Trio/Baczkowski-Sack Duo split
Jeremy Kelly/Chapels split
Paintings For Animals-
Thee Body Ov Worship

Wasteland Jazz Unit- Shivering Reflections
(VxPxC)- 2nd Street Tunnel 
Mold Omen- Soil
Chapels- Last Nights
the circle and the point/Sleepwalkers Local/Chapels split double cassette
York Factory Complaint- Remorse of Conscience
Air Loom- The Ingoing
Burnt Hills- Amphipacifica  
Decimus- Jyestha
Tuluum Shimmering- Red Bird Messenger
Chapels- But I Was Never Much Good
Sheldon Siegel-
Three Euro Breakfast

DeTrop- Man Woman & Beast
The Transplant Mountains/Chapels-  split

Venn Rain- Bioharmonics




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